I HATE SUZIE, a new 8 part TV series, produced by Bad Wolf for Sky Atlantic. Lead director. Episodes: 1-4, 6 & 8. 

I Hate Suzie follows Suzie Pickles (Piper), a celebrity whose career is put in jeopardy when she becomes the victim of a hacking scandal that causes a compromising photo of herself to be leaked.

The eight-part series follows Suzie’s excruciating journey to hold her life together alongside her best friend and manager Naomi (Farzad), as she struggles to keep her career afloat and her marriage to her husband, Cob (Ings), begins to hang by a thread.

Created by Lucy Prebble & Billie Piper. Starring Billie Piper, Leila Farzad, and Dan Ings.

Scheduled for Summer 2020 realise